Class Descriptions

Ranging from novice to expert, Lighthouse's yoga classes are designed with you in mind. Every session will deepen your connection to your body and breath, mind and spirit. We offer a wide range of classes to nurture everyone at every stage of life.


Hatha Basics

This is the foundation for all yoga practice; the physical postures and breathing techniques are introduced. This is an ideal class for the true novice and those looking to return to the roots of the practice.

Hatha 1

A class for the beginner and advanced practitioner alike, this class is a fundamental practice of asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing). Prior experience given in Hatha Basics may be needed.

Hatha 1-2

A comfortable class for transitional and intermediate practitioners, alignment and breath awareness are emphasized here.

Hatha 2

As an intermediate yoga class, Hatha 2 introduces more challenging postures and breathing techniques.

Hatha 2-3

Arm balances, inversions, and breathing are emphasized in this advanced class, which offers the student more freedom in the expression of their own practice.

Hatha 3

This advanced class requires permission of a Hatha 2-3 or Vinyasa 2-3 instructor.

Vinyasa 1

Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid style that unites the movement of the body with the flow of the breath. This is the perfect class for those looking for more continuity of movement in their practice.

Vinyasa 1-2

This Vinyasa-style class introduces intermediate postures and creative sequencing. A deeper awareness of breath and body is needed for this class.

Vinyasa 2  

Classes are Vinyasa-style yoga with an emphasis on alignment and breath. Asana sequences are creative and challenging and linked to the rhythm of our breathing.  A bit of yoga experience is helpful or a willingness to just go with the flow.

Vinyasa 2-3

For the more athletic practitioner, this is an advanced Vinyasa class with more challenging and advanced sequences. Twists, arm balances, inversions, and floating area are staples of this class.

Vinyasa 3

This advanced class requires permission of a Vinyasa 2-3 instructor.

Breathing and Meditation

Breath is the foundation and meditation is the end of all Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga practice. Combining the specific breathing techniques and various methods to aid meditation, this class provides the tools to begin and deepen the benefits of all yoga practice.

Gentle Yoga

Classes will always take into account the abilities and needs of those in the studio. Look forward to a lot of supported poses using blocks, blankets, and bolsters. The emphasis will be on deep breathing, balance, awareness of the body, and lots of smiles and laughter.

Prenatal Yoga

A gentle but challenging class for women at all stages of pregnancy. No prior yoga experience is required.

Yin Yoga

Deeply yet gently stretch and stress the connective tissues (fascia) in the back, hips, pelvis, and legs with Yin Yoga. Postures—mostly seated and reclined—are held passively with muscles relaxed for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) to create flexibility, mobility in the joints, more efficient energy flow in the body, and a quiet mind. Suitable for all levels; no previous experience necessary.

Kids’ Classes

Coming soon!